Our journey began in 2008 when my husband, wanted to surprise me with a unique and special gift for our wedding day.  His aim was to present me with something that he knew I would treasure for years to come and something that was personalised just for us.

Although my husband is usually hopeless with romantic gestures, he truly blew me away with his imagination upon receiving our own Vintage Case, personalised with the most sincere and heart felt message engraved onto the plaque inside.

The case contained memories from when we first met, tickets from our first movie, photographs, engagement cards, love letters and even a copy of the daily newspaper with the date of our wedding day (purchased on the morning of our wedding!)

8 years later and our case still has pride of place in our home, sitting alongside our wedding photographs.  Every year, we add to our collection of mémoires with new memories to cherish.

It's now time to let your Journey begin!

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